Green Smoke Tobacco Cartridges Review

Green Smoke Tobacco CartridgesGreen Smoke offers 7 flavour options, we will split those out in to the tobacco flavour and a separate review for the other flavours, including menthol. Green Smoke e-liquid uses a combination of PG and VG, which seems to work well, as far as vapor production is concerned.

The e-liquid itself contains: pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (used in a variety of common food items such as cake mix, vanilla extract, and food colouring); pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin (also used in a variety of food products), tobacco flavour derived from natural tobacco extracts, and nicotine.


Triple sealed for freshness, these three levels of packaging keep the Green Smoke tobacco cartridges as fresh as possible until you are ready to use them. The first layer is the main plastic wrap around the box, once removed you will find the five cartridges in a separate blister pack, allowing you to pop them out when you are ready to use them. the last level is the rubber stopper, fitted to the top and the bottom of the cartridge, keep hold of these if you swap out cartridges or you expect your cartridge to last more than a day.

Cost & Shipping

Without a discount code the cartridges cost between £7.98 and £10.39 for a pack of 5, the more you buy the cheaper they are. If you are buying 15 or 20 packs at a time you also get a free battery (2 in the 20 pack) included in the price. As always with Green Smoke shipping is Free.

Buy 5 for £10.00 each
Buy 10 for £9.19 each
Buy 15 for £8.39 each
Buy 20 for £7.98 each

Nicotine levels

Together with the flavour options there is also the option of the nicotine levels to choose from:

2.4% is equal to 25.2- 27.6 mg of nicotine per cartridge
1.8% is equal to 18.9- 20.7 mg of nicotine per cartridge
1.2% is equal to 12.6- 13.8 mg of nicotine per cartridge
0.6% is equal to 6.3- 6.9 mg of nicotine per cartridge
0% is equal to 0 mg of nicotine per cartridge

For these reviews I am using the 1.2% nicotine version, unless otherwise mentioned.

Green Smoke Tobacco Cartridges

Looking for classic and smooth? Red Label Tobacco is for you.

Enjoy the classic taste of flue-cured yellow leaf tobacco. Also known as Virginia tobacco, this flavour blend offers a smooth, mild, and sweet taste, with delicate floral undertones.

If you have been a Marlboro Reds smoker, this is the option for you, a strong flavour and the least ‘sweet’ of the 3, a good around smoke and defiantly one to try if you are just starting out. After moving from traditional cigarettes, this is the flour than helped me make the switch, with a little more sweetness than a Marlboro Light and comparable in flavour.

This is also one of the flavours that I have tried the nicotine free version and I have to say I am very impressed. There is the same impressive vapour with a slightly sweeter taste than the 1.2% nicotine version, and of course no ‘throat hit’ as this comes from the nicotine with a higher nicotine content giving a stronger hit.

Do you a crave full-bodied and robust flavour? Then go with Absolute Tobacco.

Relish the bold taste of air-cured white burley tobacco. This flavour blend has the taste of uncased burley — aromatic, woody, and dry.  It is reminiscent of classic American tobacco blends.

The description here is spot on, perhaps the more complex of the 3 choices with a depth to the burly, woody flavour. My personal favourite, once I got used to the change to e-cigarettes this was the flavour I find myself coming back to time after time.

Do you appreciate the finer things in life? Go luxe with Tobacco Gold.

Pour yourself a dram of fine Scotch, sit down and take a drag of this rich flavour blend. A blend of Oriental/Turkish tobacco with Virginia and burley tobaccos provide a highly aromatic, complex and sweet taste.

While not overly sweet although this is the sweetest of the Green Smoke tobacco flavours available giving it a relaxing flavour, try it with a Speyside single malt to compliment the flavour. The sweetness of the flavour reminds me of some cigars I have smoked in the past, without being as heavy.

How long do the Green Smoke tobacco cartridges last?  

Smoking Green Smoke Cartridges will stay fresh for 4-6 months in a closed box.  It’s best to store them in a cool dark place. Once opened, they last 6-8 weeks even with the rubber caps taken off.  I like to keep the rubber filter tips that come with the filters, so I can cover the filter when I’m not using the e-cigarette. It keeps it clean and may prevent the filter from drying out too quickly.

How can I maximise the life of my cartridges?

Get the most out of your cartridge by following these tips:

  • Keep your Green Smoke tobacco cartridges covered when not in use to prevent evaporation.
  • For long-term storage, we recommend refrigeration. It is very important that the cartridge sit for 30 minutes at room temperature before using.
  • Always take a slow, long drag (with each drag lasting about 3-4 seconds), and inhale as you puff. Shorter puffs decrease vapour production.
  • Be careful not to exhale into the cartridge or battery.
  • Take 10 – 15 puffs per session (with 5 seconds between each puff).
  • If you would like to vape more than 15 puffs, we recommend alternating cartridges. This allows time for the liquid inside the cartridges to disperse evenly.



Green Smoke Tobacco Cartridges

£ - £ a pack7.9810.39
Green Smoke Tobacco Cartridges

Red Label Tobacco


    Absolute Tobacco


      Tobacco Gold


        Taste & vapour



          • - Impressive vapour
          • - Good throat hit
          • - Long lasting
          • - Well packaged
          • - Good options for nicotine levels


          • - Limited to 3 tobacco flavours
          • - No recycling programme