Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

My ‘go to’ recommendation for a starter kit, there is a reason why I call these the best e-cigarettes. When you are looking into e-cigarettes there are a number of names that come up every time, and one of those is Green Smoke. They have 3 starter kits to choose from including the Express and the Love Birds, this review is for the Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit.


Flavour & Vapour

Tabacco flavours

  • Red label Tobacco
  • Absolute Tobacco
  • Tobacco Gold

Non Tobacco Flavours

  • Menthol Ice
  • Mocha Mist
  • Smooth Cream
  • Mountain Clove

The flavours offered by Green Smoke are exceptional, while they might not have the wide and varied selection of some other brands, the selection is more than enough for me. I mostly use the tobacco flavours, with Red Label being my favourite, as an ex smoker this it the flavour I can most relate to. The other two are slightly softer and sweeter in taste.

During the summer months I used to love smoking menthol cigarette, and Green Smoke has nailed this, even better than my old Marlboro Menthols. A wonderful icy blast of cooling spearmint all the way through to the last puff.

A morning coffee is truly complimented with the Mocha Mist, a strong coffee flavour with strong chocolate undertones, the mix is perfect and makes for a great start to any morning.

Mountain Clove it a tricky one, this would be the Marmite of flavours for many, love it or hate it. Possibly introduced more of the European market it is a strong unashamed flavour, nothing subtle here.

Nicotine levels

  • 2.4% Nicotine
  • 1.8% Nicotine
  • 1.2% Nicotine
  • 0.6% Nicotine
  • Zero (0%) Nicotine

I will often mix out the nicotine levels when I buy my cartridges, while 1.2% is my usual, I’ll often have 0.6% and nicotine free versions as well. There is a slight change in flavour between the levels which is only noticeable with the nicotine free tasting a little sweeter, or with the Mocha Mist a little more chocolate then coffee.

Green Smoke cartridges are ‘triple sealed for freshness’, the first is the plastic wrap around the cartridge pack, once removed, inside the box you will find five individually sealed cartridges, the third level is the little rubber stoppers either end of the cartridge. Keep hold of these if you swap out for a different flavour they help maintain the flavour.

Vapour and throat hit are also excellent across the range, part of the experience, especially for an ex smoker is the plume of vapour which has the look and feel of an analogue cigarette. The main difference being how this vapour plume quickly disperses and has no smell at all (some people say they can smell a subtle sweetness very briefly). Of course this means no smell on your hands or clothing too.

The Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit comes with two packs of cartridges to get you started, with each cartridge offering around 1 day / 1 pack of vaping depending on how you use it.

The must-have kit for those in the know. For people who are serious about vaping with Green Smoke e-cigarettes, this is the ideal kit. Three batteries ensure you’ll always have a spare, and two packs of cartridges enable you to explore your options. The smart choice.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging of this product was a delight to open, coming in a thick card box with a magnetic lid keeping it closed and the items inside safely and separately packaged.

Shipping of the Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit and with subsequent orders has been very quick, within a day or two, much quicker than expected.

Battery & Responsiveness

Green Smoke offers two basic battery types, long (270 mAh/4.6 inches), and short (160 mAh/4.0 inches), giving a day and half day usage respectively. When the kit arrives these are already 70% charged so you can get started straight away. Charge time is around 4-6 hours and as an average they are good for a year or so of use. The e-cig battery provides power, and includes a 3.7V lithium ion battery cell, a smart chip and an LED light – all encased in durable steel alloy.

The Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit comes with two long and one short battery, both of these have the green glowing tip at the end but if you prefer a more realistic red tip, those are available separately, along with the design colour batteries too.

I love the detail of these Green Smoke batteries, the smooth brass threat means cartridges glide on with a simple twist. They even feature ridges replicating the lines you find around traditional cigarettes along with the green smoke logo. I find it is useful having both the red and the green tip depending on whether you want to blend in or stand out and let everyone know those plumes of vapour are coming from an e-cigarette.

Treat you batteries with care, as with most modern batteries they benefit from being toped up rather than recharging from empty, and always keep them in the case. While using my Green Smoke e-Cig a while back I put it in my pocket with my keys rubbing against it, not a smart move, some light grey scuff marks appeared, while not noticeable from a distance, it shows you do need to treat these with at least a little care and respect

Customer Service

The Green Smoke customer service has been second to none, whether it is the live chat or via email the response are quick and helpful, its great to know that whatever the question they are there and ready to help. This appears to be one area that gets mentioned in all of the reviews I have read, and is a key feature for this premium brand.

Returns & warranty

Batteries are covered by a lifetime limited warranty and the Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you can get all of your money back, with no bother or fuss.


Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit
The must-have kit for those in the know.
Written by: eCigs Today
Date Published: 04/03/2015
The Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit is an exceptional kit, if you are new to e-cigs you will not regret choosing this kit and joining the Green Smoke family. As mentioned before there are two other kits available and if you are a couple you might want to look at the Love Birds Kit. However, with new brands entering the market every week and existing brands upping the quality of their products, the competition at the top is intense.

What you get in the Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

  • 3 Rechargeable E-cig Batteries (2 long & 1 short)
  • 2 Packs of Cartridges (1 cartridge is about 1 day of vaping)
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Wall Adapter (Dual Voltage, 100-240 VAC)
  • BONUS Carrying Case
  • Hassle-Free Warranty

Green Smoke Starter Kit

Green Smoke Starter Kit

Taste & Flavour


    Look & Feel




        Vapour / Throat Hit


          Value for Money



            • - Great taste and log lasting flavour
            • - Excellent product quality
            • - Helpful and quick customer service
            • - Good selection of nicotine levels


            • - Limited flavour options
            • - No recycling option