e Cigs on Planes

e Cigs on PlanesA JetBlue plane at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts was evacuated last year after baggage handlers smelled smoke and extinguished a smouldering bag as they prepared the aircraft for take-off. The e-cigarette was packed in a passenger’s checked luggage and burned a small hole in the bag, said Ed Freni, director of aviation with the Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates the airport.

So what about e-cigs on airplanes? The latest move sees the recommendation that e-cigs are not packed in your luggage and taken as carry on, some airlines even state no more than two batteries are allowed, and as for smoking onboard an airplane, in general this is not allowed. Here are a few examples from airline website and their stance on e cigs on planes.

Electronic cigarettes and maximum of two spare batteries can be taken in cabin baggage but you are not allowed to use them onboard or put them in hold luggage – easyJet

Ryanair do not permit the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) on board for safety reasons. Please note that electronic cigarettes should not be packed in checked in baggage.

Electronic cigarettes are not allowed to be used in the lounges or on board – British Airways