The advantages of e cigs

Advantages of e-cigsE-cigarettes are less addictive than cigarettes for former smokers, researchers have apparently proved, this research sheds new light on how nicotine addiction works, however, experts warn the long terms health risk of e-cigarettes are still unknown.

E-cigs contain far fewer cancer-causing and other toxic substances than cigarettes, one report suggests a reduction from 4,000 to 400, however the long term effect of inhaling vapour is still unclear. With that in mind, some of the benefits over traditional cigarettes include:

  • Electronic cigarette smoking is much cheaper than traditional cigarettes, a cartridge may cost as little as £1, with the same amount of puffs as a pack or pack and a half.
  • E-cigarettes do not have that distinctive odour, the smell from cigarette smoke gets into, and clings, to just about anything it comes in contact with
  • E-cigarettes are much safer, there are no open flames or burning embers, while there have been stories of e-cig batteries exploding this is most often attributed to them being modified, or cheap counterfeit versions, the same with mobile phones.
  • The social aspect should also be mentioned with the lack of smell and no more need to stand outside the office or bar while you ‘smoke’. Although there is a level of e-cig etiquette that comes in to play here, I would not advise just vaping anywhere, be considerate to those around you.