JAC Vapour

Trading since 2010, JAC Vapour is an established and respected member of the vaping world. JAC Vapour was formed by a forward thinking smoker (now a committed vaper) to offer an alternative to traditional cigarettes that actually work.

Jac Vapour is an electronic cigarette company dedicated to providing high quality products that are easy to use to customers looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes.

The company got started when the founder realized that finding electronic cigarettes was a huge hassle for those who simply wanted to try them out. Some of the products on the market were faulty or didn’t work right, and many of them had confusing and/or terribly written instructions.

Jac Vapour is a company that was born out of the desire to change all of this. We offer great products, great customer service, and an easy transition to e-cigs from traditional tobacco products.

Jac Vapour e-cigs are rechargeable, refillable electronic cigarettes designed to be as realistic as possible. They also come in a wide variety of different flavours, giving the user plenty of options that are both tobacco and non-tobacco themed.

Some of the non-tobacco flavours include such options as black coffee, apple, banana milkshake, bubblegum, and even cappuccino!

The most unique thing about Jac Vapour are the quality starting kits that have been pre-packaged with convenience in mind. Customers who have never tried electronic cigarettes before might find buying them for the first time from most companies confusing… but this is where Jac Vapour excels.


JAC Vapour