E-Lites are anĀ UK based e-cig companies (Zandera Ltd.), acquired by Japan Tobacco International in 2014.

Many UK natives will recognize this brand thanks to E-Lites offline presence. E-lites have been featured in some very prominent UK newspapers (The Guardian, Metro, The Sunday Times, Herald Scotland) and have been advertising via many other offline channels including TV and Radio, making this brand one of the most recognized Electronic Cigarette brands in the UK.

E-Lites sells E-cig starter kits, refills, E-gars and accessories. Starter kits range in size from the E40 Reusable E-cig (which comes with basically one battery, one cartomizer, and a USB charger) to the E-Pro 4: The Ultimate E-Cig Kit (which includes two batteries, a USB and wall charger, five cartomizers, and a personal charging case). E-Lites also carry E-gars and other E-cig kits in different sizes and prices.