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best e cigarette Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

Best e cigarette – Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

To pick the best e cigarette used to be quiet easy, but now, with over 500 brands available to choose from and many more variations within those brands, it’s a little more difficult.

The good news is that quality is improving all the time especially among the top brands which we are looking at here. The title of best e-cigarette will, at the end of the day, be down to personal choice. For heavy smokers the cigarette look alikes that are mostly review here, will be of limited interest, or those that like to experiment with e-juices.

At eCigs Today we aim to give you all the latest news, reviews and information about e-cigarettes, especially for those looking to switch and are keen to find out a little more. We personally test every product reviewed on the site and give our opinion of the pros and cons of e-cigarette. We will also be updating reviews as often as we can so you get the latest information on e-cigarette products and the service from the companies behind them.

As of Jan 2015 we have given the title to Green Smoke e-cigarettes, and especially for those new to e-cigs the Pro Starter Kit.


Express Starter Kit
Enter the World of Green Smoke E-Vapour
✓ 2 Rechargeable e-Cig Batteries
✓ 1 Pack of Five Cartridges
✓ 1 USB Charger
✓ 1 Wall Adapter
✓ BONUS Carrying Case
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Love Birds Starter Kit
Enjoy it with Someone Special
✓ 6 Rechargeable e-Cig Batteries
✓ 4 Packs of Five Cartridges
✓ 2 USB Chargers
✓ 2 Wall Adapters
✓ 2 BONUS Carrying Cases
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