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Green Smoke May Discount Codes Use Coupon Code MAYCART, MAYBATT, MAYCASE, or MAYKIT Stocking up on new cartridges? Take 10% off cartridge packs. Looking for something else? Discounts available on batteries, cases, and kits at 15%, 20%, and 25%. Offer expires 11:59 PST, May 27, 2015  



The REDCIG starter kit is the perfect way to begin your smoke-free journey. This stylish package contains everything you need to get started with REDCIG: an indoor friendly RED tipped battery, a handy USB charging stick and two scrumptious different strength sample cartridges in Classic Tobacco. Check out these REDCIG deals.

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4 Weird Health Effects of E-Cigarettes | TIME

Banana pudding-flavored ecigs disturbed the lungs, one study found Health Effects of E-Cigarettes “Millions of people around the world that are puffing e-cigs,” says Peter Dicpinigaitis, professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and one of the authors of new e-cigarette research, “but when you look at the scientific literature about the effects of e-cigs, […]


Nicotine levels in e-cigarettes

A popular question when moving to e-cigarettes, exactly what 12mg or 24mg strengths mean for nicotine? Nicotine comes from the tobacco plant. Pharmaceutical technology enables skilled chemists to extract nicotine in liquid form.

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E-cigarettes in the workplace

So, your shine new e-cigarette is outside of the UK smoking laws, does that mean you can use it where ever you like? Much like e-cigarettes on planes, the workplace is now deciding what the rules are for e-cigarettes in the workplace.


E-cigs may only be harmful under ‘extreme conditions’

New research has found that e-cigarettes can produce harmful levels of formaldehyde that exceed those of regular cigarettes — but only under “extreme conditions” E-cigarettes can produce harmful levels of formaldehyde that exceed those of regular cigarettes — but only under “extreme conditions”, a new report says. The study, led by cardiologist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, took a […]

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Green Smoke Tobacco Cartridges Review

Green Smoke offers 7 flavour options, we will split those out in to the tobacco flavour and a separate review for the other flavours, including menthol. Green Smoke e-liquid uses a combination of PG and VG, which seems to work well, as far as vapor production is concerned.

best e cigarette Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

My ‘go to’ recommendation for a starter kit, there is a reason why I call these the best e-cigarettes. When you are looking into e-cigarettes there are a number of names that come up every time, and one of those is Green Smoke. They have 3 starter kits to choose from including the Express and […]

Gamucci Continental 500

Gamucci Continental 500

The Gamucci Continental 500 is the latest evolution of our hugely successful disposable range. A convenient product equivalent to almost 2 packs of traditional cigarettes in a single piece unit. The Gamucci Continental is available in our original flavour, in Regular strength – 1.6% Nicotine per ml.